Exploring Europe

In kindergarten we are taking a trip around the world – one continent at a time. We began with a stop in Europe. We learned that Europe has thousands of castles. In fact, Germany has over 20,000! The kindergartners designed their own castles using squares, triangles, and rectangles.

We talked about one of Europe’s famous landmarks – the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The tower is painted about every seven years to protect it from rust. The kindergartners drew the letter ‘x’ all over a picture of the tower in order to give it its lattice look. They used sharpies to “paint” it.

We watched a video about London, England and some of the landmarks there. We also talked about the tradition of high tea. We held our own version of an English Tea complete with scones, fruit, crustless sandwiches and apple juice “tea.”

Russia is the world’s largest country and is in Europe and Asia. We talked about St. Basil’s Cathedral in the European part of Russia. Ivan the Terrible had it built to celebrate the capture of an enemy. The kindergartners designed their own versions of this colorful landmark.

Pirate Fun!

Maps and pirates – they just go together. Since we were finishing a map unit in social studies, I thought it would be fun to have a pirate themed week. We read several pirate books, including Pirate Mark, which focused on the “ar” sound. The kindergartners went on an “ar” word treasure hunt and then enjoyed an “ar” treat – parfaits. Yum!

We finished the week with a fun pirate day! We all dressed up as pirates – even Tacky! We read pirate books, played pirate themed games, did some pirate coloring, and even made a pirate island snack.


We ended the day with a treasure hunt. The kindergartners used their map skills to find treasure on the playground.




A look at our first week

The 2020-2021 school year has begun! We started the year off with some first day of kindergarten pictures.

The kindergartners made special signs to hang in their cubbies.

They also drew pictures of themselves and wrote their names. It will be exciting to see how much their drawing and handwriting skills change and develop throughout the year.

They’ve spent some time exploring classroom centers and playing outside. Our outside time has brought a lot of smiles this week. Especially since the kindergartners are finally able to play on the ‘big’ playground.

The kindergartners spent a little time getting to know a little more about each other as they shared the items in their “Get To Know Me” bag.